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A Unesco world heritage site and a place of extraordinary beauty, the Amalfi Coast needs no introduction. It's a land of vivid colours, like the yellows of sunshine and lemons, the green of leaves, the blue of the sky and the orange of citrus fruits; all these can be found in the typical ceramics of Vietri sul Mare.
From everyday tableware to the famous decorative tiles which become genuine works of art. Riggiole, or painted tiles, are often seen set into walls along the streets of little coastal villages. Just take a stroll in search of delightful and original ones.
The history of ceramics is well documented in the Museum of Villa Guariglia in Raito. Archeological studies have dated this art to the 5th century BCE and, more specifically, to the Etruscan era. Today, the production of ceramics is more lively than ever, and continues to attract the attention and appreciation of tourists and collectors from all over the world.
Still in the province of Salerno, another wonderful place for ceramics is Cava de' Tirreni, where they have been produced since the Middle Ages; the earliest examples were probably made in the nearby Benedictine Abbey.