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Naples and its historic centre

As you walk through the historic centre of Naples, from Borgo Orefici to San Gregorio Armeno, you can learn the history of the city through the artisan workshops you see along the way.

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Vesuvius to Sorrento

Between the sea in the Gulf of Naples and the road that winds up Vesuvius lies Torre del Greco, the town of coral and cameos. In ancient times, the harvest and processing of this “red gold” were the main sources of income for the town's population.

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Amalfi Coast

A Unesco world heritage site and a place of extraordinary beauty, the Amalfi Coast needs no introduction. It's a land of vivid colours, like the yellows of sunshine and lemons, the green of leaves, the blue of the sky and the orange of citrus fruits; all these can be found in the typical ceramics of Vietri sul Mare.

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Caserta and San Leucio

San Leucio lies on the road from Caserta to the Volturno valley. Synonymous with precious silks, this was once the village where Charles of Bourbon decided to turn the royal palace into a silk factory.

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San Lorenzello and Cerreto Sannita

Some areas of Campania are known above all for their production of excellent wines. However, in the province of Benevento there's also an age-old tradition of making ceramics. For hundreds of years the kilns of the typical artisan workshops in San Lorenzello and Cerreto Sannita have been producing exquisite artistic pieces.

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Santa Paolina to Montefusco

Many towns in the green Irpinia mountains continue the ancient tradition of bobbin lace, a special technique used mainly to embellish clothes and religious vestments. At the courts of noble families, skilled lacemakers would work tirelessly, producing genuine masterpieces.

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