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Antico Borgo Orefici

The Antico Borgo Orefici consortium was founded in 2000 with the aim of bringing together firms operating in the Borgo Orefici in a single network, working together on a global project to improve the ancient gold-working district of Naples through urban redevelopment and commercial relaunch.

Indirizzo: Via duca di San Donato, 73 – Napoli
Sito: www.borgorefici.it
Telefono: 081 26050
Email: info@borogorefici.it


Il Tarì

In the business world, Il Tari' is unprecedented. It's a symbol of entrepreneurial challenge, organisational capacity and shared objectives. We created a new way of doing business; A concept of co-working that focuses on individual personalities. Il Gioiello

Indirizzo: Loc. Pozzobianco zona A.S.I. Marcianise (CE)
Sito: http://www.tari.it/homepage.html
Telefono: 0823517111




Oromare is the temple of fine artisan gold-working in Campania. Every day, exquisite and valuable items are produced by the skill and creativity of the firm's master goldsmiths. Unique, beautiful items, meticulously made and able to convey the quality and history of our region's tradition of fine gold-working throughout Italy and beyond.

Indirizzo: S.P. 22 - KM 1.750 - Marcianise (CE)
Sito: www.oromare.com
Telefono: 0823 164151
Email: info@oromarepromogest.it

Sorrento inlay work

Unione Artigiani Intarsio Sorrentino

The union was founded with the aim of promoting and developing traditional Sorrento inlay work and cabinet-making.
Facebook: @unioneartigianiintarsiosorrentino
Email: info@artigianitarsiasorrentina.org

Silk and Fabrics

San Leucio Silk

The brand was created to facilitate the growth and development of the textile industry and to protect, valorise and guarantee the quality and origins of San Leucio's products and promote them.

Indirizzo: Via Roma 17, Caserta
Sito: http://sanleuciotextile.eu/
Telefono: 0823 325422