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Between the sea in the Gulf of Naples and the road that winds up Vesuvius lies Torre del Greco, the town of coral and cameos. In ancient times, the harvest and processing of this “red gold” were the main sources of income for the town's population. Even today, many firms still make a living from the activity, some based locally, others in consortiums such as Oromare and Tarì di Marcianise.
There are numerous legends based around coral. After all, there's something fascinating and mysterious about the material itself. It's not uncommon to find people who still work at home with file and spindle to shape their precious items.

Following the road along the coast, you come to Sorrento, a favourite place of Enrico Caruso and a holiday destination for celebrities, politicians and influential figures, which helped in the growth of the local tradition of inlay work. Inlaying wood is an artisan skill, and everything is done by hand. Using a technique similar to mosaic, fine layers of wood from different trees and with different colours are inlaid, often using other materials such as ivory and mother-of-pearl.