Caserta and San Leucio

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San Leucio lies on the road from Caserta to the Volturno valley. Synonymous with precious silks, this was once the village where Charles of Bourbon decided to turn the royal palace into a silk factory.
All the processes for manufacturing wonderful silk masterpieces were carried out within the village. Orders came from all over Europe, and even today silk fabrics from San Leucio can be found in the Vatican, the Quirinale and the Oval Office at the White House.

Today silk production is in the hands of family businesses who successfully continue the traditional ancient art.
So, if you're visiting the Royal Palace of Caserta, don't miss a trip to the Belvedere of San Leucio, and not only for the wonderful views. It's the start of a genuine journey into industrial archaeology, with restored looms still functioning, and a water wheel to power the doubling machines and produce the fabric.

Caserta is also home to Campania's major goldsmiths' guilds. Il Tarì and Oromare bring together firms which over time have succeeded in combining the Neapolitan gold-working tradition with today’s modern methods. A visit to these places is an opportunity to admire jewellery both ancient and modern and see at first hand how a precious item is handcrafted.