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I have been running my studio in the centre of Calitri, a nice town in the province of Avellino, since 21 May 2008.
I have developed and refined the lost wax casting technique over the years, in order to provide my customers with more services, besides design, modelmaking, and casting of gold, silver, and bronze goldsmith objects.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind micro sculptures and bas-reliefs full of details, with a very special technique that I created and is called "filato nel vuoto" (spun into the void). It consists of shaping wax, making it solidify into the void, and making 3-D sculptures with painting-like movements.

After prototype, lost wax casting and finish, often Etruscan, take place. It gives my jewels a special feature that makes you appreciate their craftsmanship.

My constant research led me to finish my works with gemstones and semiprecious stones from all over the world, setting them or binding them with "Calitri ceramic". It creates a valuable bond between my artisan’s activity and the traditional work of Calitri ceramists. This is how I make customized jewels that will describe the person who wears it in a unique way, an added value that for years has been pushing my works beyond national boundaries.



Among the best-known jewels, national and international goldsmith’s award-winning items stand out:

  • - "La mia Aida" pendant, gold sculpture on glazed and polychromatic ceramic. It describes an element of the end of Verdi’s tragedy, that ranked first in the 4th international exhibition Gioiello d’Arte;
  • - "Venere e Marte" bracelet, gold sculpture on glazed and polychromatic ceramic. It has two main characters, on the opposite sides of the jewel. It reached the finals of the UK Jewellery Awards '11, London, cat. Italian Jewellery Designer of the Year;
  • - "Alla madre della Patria" bracelet, gold, ceramics and pearls, dedicated to Eleonora Curlo Ruffini, leading female character of Italian Risorgimento, ranked 1st in the Jacopo da Trezzo award “Un gioiello per una donna del risorgimento” (A jewel for a Risorgimento woman), Milan;
  • - “Luce” pendant jewel, gold sculpture on a fossil, diamond, black diamonds, shows a miner that resurfaces from the bowels of the earth and comes back to light, ranked 1st in the Jacopo da Trezzo award, edition 2014 “Le Esposizioni Universali” (Universal exhibitions);
  • - “Fera Sponz” collection: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants. Available in 18-kt gold, silver; fine micro sculpture in bas relief representing the three roses and traditional lace of Calitri on the whole collection. Jewels are finished with diamonds, gemstones and semiprecious stones;
  • - “Papillon Gioiello” collection: test jewel for men. It comes in wood, gold, silver, silk, coral and semi-precious stones. It turns the idea of clothing accessory into “new men’s jewel”;

- “Mumml” collection: ring, earring, bracelet, pendant. It comes in 18-kt gold, silver. Metal takes on the aspect of a circular ceramic module with a central hole, again bound with tradition.