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Sorrento inlay work



The company boasts extensive experience in the production of inlay works and specializes in inlay furniture, tableware and interior design items. The manufacture, with its wide range of designs and products, introduces new items year after year by continuously launching new and exclusive products in the market.

Products and patterns have been designed to match any kind of setting, from classic to modern.

Design and manufacture are carried out by artisans from the early stage up to the end of the production chain, which allows customers to have bespoke bespoken products, as for design and size, in the catalogue.

The company has been operating in the international market (the USA, Japan, the UK, Europe and especially the Middle East) for over twenty years, producing modern and classic furniture, and interior design items for villas and residences.

This production is one the most important with high-quality artistic products that follow the traditional Sorrento inlay work, using raw materials that are only made in Italy.

Giuseppe Mastellone and his sons, Gennaro and Umberto, combine experience, passion, and art, with a highly-qualified staff who do their jobs in perfect harmony with colours, patterns, and art, sharing it with customers all over the world.

A retail showroom has been operating in Sorrento inner city since 2020.



Inlaid furniture, tableware, and interior design items, including trays, turntables, charger plates, wooden boxes, coasters, frames, and inlaid lamps.