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Artistic Ceramics



MATERPARADE nasce dall’esigenza di creare, un oggetto che potesse contenere, oltre al semplice valore decorativo, anche un forte significato universale. Gli articoli sono liberamente ispirati alle MATER del Museo campano di Capua.

MATERPARADE are made with a mixture of plaster/ceramic and vinyl binder in silicone molds. The artefact obtained is subjected to a drying time that, depending on the period of the year, varies from two to three weeks, after which, it comes to the finishing stage, made by using an ultra-fine paper, to rectify any defects refining the surface. In last, the "MATER" is decorated with ceramic glazes and, once dry, polished with a water overglazing process.

The choice of materials comes from the different tests done. Studies finalized to get the best proportions: "MOTHERS" are pleasant not only to the sight, but also to the touch, and the possibility to hold them in the hands (finding their weight correct for the right stability of the sculpture, but not excessive) identifies them as a gift ideas objects.



The votive sculptures of the museum represent dumpy women placed on seats similar to a throne, with arms put in the lap, ready to accommodate a variable number of children in swaddling blankets. Starting from the original shape of the sculptures it has been decided to soften the shapes for a less angular and, therefore, not aggressive artifact. A shape representing, in its features, an universal stereotype of beauty. The sweetness of the face (similar to a doll) and the roundness of the shoulders, as well as the shape of the children, are the strengths of the project. The softness of the sculpture gives pleasant sensations: it’s like a doll or a matriosca: a simple object that in his simpleness, is able to capture everyone’s interest.

The "mater" are available in three sizes: small, with a height of 11 cm; medium, with a height of 16 cm and large with a height of 26 cm.