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Bottega D'Ago is a tailoring space to imagine, draw and manufacture women’s clothes and accessories in the way artisans do, from excellent selected local raw materials, through the enhancement of Agro Sarnese Nocerino weaving tradition.

Stylist Laura D'Agostino creates a clothing and accessory collection directly from her hands. After having worked for several years in the textile sector, she decided to come back and work in Ravello, along with her husband Anthony Cantarella.

The project originates from the concept of a workshop considered as a unique space where they can share their experience and improve their knowledge day by day, where they can devote time and attention to the process itself, before achieving results.

In fact, the open workshop, a concept taken from the open kitchen design, originates from the need to highlight the creative and production process that leads to the creation of unique clothes and accessories.

The small collection, manufactured in the heart of Ravello historic centre, is designed for women who search for little well-done things, with their soul able to thrill and highlight the message of the land where design and manufacture took place far away from wherever they go.

Moreover, “tailor-made” collection allows customers to choose the details of their garments (fabrics, neckline, length, etc.): production will take 3 hours.

All'abbigliamento si affianca la collezione di accessori a scarto zero, che nascono riutilizzando gli scarti di lavorazione dei tessuti.

We also have a zero-waste accessory collection, manufactured by using textile waste. Fabrics are then printed with stamps we produce ourselves, inspired by local architecture, landscape, and plant life around Ravello.




TAILOR-MADE collection: bespoke local linen dresses, tunics, and pants.

ZERO-WASTE ACCESSORY collection: brooches, bags, hair accessories made by hand from textile waste.

BLOCK-PRINTED collection: dresses, scarves, and home decor printed with stamps we produce ourselves, inspired by our land.

Crochet collection: bags, earrings, and hats.